Sunday, March 24, 2013

Finding French Music: The French Music Blog Comes to Rescue

I enjoy listening to popular French music. But legal restrictions prevent people who live in the United States from purchasing foreign music MP3s from sites like Amazon. Buying foreign CDs can be expensive and in the 21st century I no longer want to buy CDs.

The French Music Blog has helped me to find good popular French music that I can buy on iTunes. Indeed, the whole purpose of the blog is to feature French music that can be purchased in the United States. Through the French Music Blog, I have discovered the music of Dominique A, Coeur de Pirate, Zaz and Joyce Jonathan, among others.  After sampling the music on the blog,  I was able to purchase and download the music at fair prices on iTunes.  This blog saves me time and effort and helps me to keep up with popular French music.

The music video at the top of this post is from Joyce Jonathan's first album "Sur mes gardes."  It went gold in May 2010 only five months after its release.  Joyce is 23 years old.