Sunday, March 10, 2013

Groove 2 - Great iOS Music App

I recently discovered Groove 2 for iOS.  It is a music app for iPhone and iPad.  The app scans your music library on your iOS device.  It tags the music and brings in interesting artwork about the artists.  It also suggests interesting playlists called "Groovy Mixes."  Groovy Mixes have helped me to discover music that I either forgot I had or never knew I had.  I have been using star ratings to such an extent that if a song has one or two stars it never gets played.  I found that in the right context I have some great music rated one or two stars.

The app also has a "Surprise Me" function that will play something different every time.  This might be a "Groovy Mix," your favorite songs from an artist, a Three of Kind mix, an artist duo or something else.  I am still figuring out everything this wonderful app can do. But the main point is that if you want some variety in your listening just touch the "Surprise Me" button.  It is a lot of fun.

The app is stunningly gorgeous.  And because of the extra real estate on the iPad, the iPad version is even better.  I don't usually play music on my iPad but this app makes me want to.

This app has renewed my relationship with my music.  I have also learned new things about the artists in my library and seen interesting photos of them.  The app works flawlessly with iTunes Music Match and does not alter the artwork or the information in your iTunes library.  You can also choose an option so it only plays music in the cloud when you are on wifi -- an option I use and appreciate.  The app is available on iTunes and for Windows 8.  Here is a short demo.