Sunday, March 10, 2013

Making Sense of Google+

I am new to Google+.  At first, I wondered whether I needed yet another social network.  I use Twitter but mainly to follow news.  I only do a modest amount of tweeting.  And although I am on Facebook I really don't enjoy it.  There are so many ads in my newsfeed.  I also have some privacy concerns there.

But I have been struck by the sheer beauty of Google+.  If someone shares a photo it is big enough really to appreciate.  If someone shares a link you don't see a simple link but a nice image from the link and a headline.  Posts can be as long as needed.  There is no 140 character limit.  I also use Gmail, Google Reader, Google Drive and other Google services so I am in the neighborhood anyway.  In my opinion, Google provides the best cloud services on the planet.

Many people aren't on Google+ but more and more people seem to sign up for it.  So I am there and watching. My blog is brand new and when I post here I also post on Google+ and that is nice.  I think if more people come to Google+ I could make Google+ my primary social network site.  But for that to happen it must be much more popular than it is today.  Time will tell, but Google seems to really care about Google+ and I am betting Google+ will continue to grow as more and more people discover its beauty and functionality.