Monday, April 1, 2013

Tough Job Market For Newly Minted Lawyers Continues

The Law School Transparency (LST) website, which I mentioned in an earlier post, has released figures about how the Class of 2012 did in the job market. The results are sobering:

  • 55.1% of 2012 graduates were employed in full-time, long-term lawyer jobs (excluding jobs funded by the law schools);
  • 27.7% were either underemployed (short-term or part-time job, or non-professional) or not employed (unemployed or pursuing an additional degree);
  • Only 12.2% of graduates are employed in big law firms (defined as having at least 101 lawyers).

See LST for school profiles and comparison charts.

LST's executive director, Kyle McEntee is providing a real service and deserves a big pat on the back.