Saturday, May 25, 2013

My First Kindle

I resisted buying an e-ink Kindle for a long time. To me they looked old fashioned and I didn't like the momentary flash from white to black when changing pages. I have been reading on my iPhone mainly using the Kindle app and more recently on a Nexus 7 again using the Kindle app.  But the iPhone is small and the screens of both devices have glare and aren't good for reading outside. I also own a full sized iPad but never took to reading books on it. The iPad is too heavy.

So I decided to try the Kindle Paperwhite. It arrived yesterday and I love it. It was already registered to my account when I took it out of the box. The size is just about perfect. It is comfortable in my hand with the Amazon case.  I love the magnetic cover that shuts the device off. I can read in any kind of light and the device doesn't have to charged very often.

But the main thing I like is that I immediately get lost in the book I am reading. I forget about the device after a few minutes. The flashes when I turn pages happen only every fifth page and I am getting used to it. The convenience of a small, light device with little or no glare that doesn't need to charged often  makes it worth dealing with the "flashes" every fifth page turn in any event.

I bought the 3G model with special offers. I have already paid the extra $20 to turn off the special offers. With the special offers, when I open the cover I would have to swipe past an advertisement to get to my book. Without the special offers, my text is just there -- like opening the cover of a paper book.

The 3G is nice because I don't have to remember to check if I have synced the books on the device before I leave home and don't have to verify that the books I want are on the device before I leave home.

I think owning the Paperwhite will lead to me read more. There is less strain on my eyes. I am sorry I waited so long.

If you are interested in keeping up with e-book developments especially as they relate to the Kindle I highly recommend a podcast by Len Edgerly called The Kindle Chronicles. Len is smart and keeps up with the latest e-book news and interviews interesting people. Len also hosts a group for his podcast on Goodreads.