Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nexus 7 - Disappointingly Slow; Not Enjoyable

About six months ago I bought a Nexus 7. I liked the size of the device. I can comfortably hold it in one hand. I can't say the same for the iPad Mini. I also wanted to try an Android device. Before getting the Nexus 7, I had only used iOS devices.

At first I loved the Nexus 7. Apps update on their own. Podcasts and RSS feeds can be set to update in the background. The back of the Nexus 7 is easy to grip -- it is basically a black rubbery feeling substance that I really like.

But from the outset, there was a circle in the middle of the screen that is faint but can't be wiped off. I thought about returning the Nexus 7. With an Apple product that would have meant simply walking into an Apple store. But to return the Nexus 7 I would have had to call Google and ship the device back. And I doubted the replacement unit would have been better because reports of this faint circle are widespread on the internet. So I decided to live with it.

What is harder to accept is that over time the device has become slower. In the hope of speeding up my Nexus 7, I deleted apps and downloads to free up storage.  But my efforts really didn't help much. Everything is just sluggish. Rotations move at a snail's pace. Flipping through screens is painfully slow. In contrast, my full sized iPad -- which is not even the current model -- is zippy. The Nexus is so slow I no longer enjoy using it.

When Apple releases a retina iPad Mini I will immediately place an order. I really don't want another Android device. Apple isn't perfect but it makes the best devices and offers the best customer service in the business.