Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Experience with Google Apps

About six months ago I moved my email from a Hosted Exchange service to Google Apps and couldn't be happier. I still get push email to my iPhone and my iPad. My contacts sync seamlessly. I really love Gmail, especially the server side filtering which is amazing. The spam filtering is superb. Phone and email support are included. I get all this for $50 a year - and my Gmail experience is free of advertisements.

I also recently learned about two services to backup my Google Apps account. At first I thought this was a solution in search of a problem. After all Google backs up reliably. But that's not the issue: what if I delete something by mistake? These services -- Backupify and Spanning -- backup email, documents in Google Drive, contacts, calendars and sites. I ended up signing up with Spanning.

Spanning backs up everything -- including all my documents in Google Drive -- and all the backups remain there for as long as I subscribe to the service. The annual cost is $40. So if I delete an email, a contact or a document I can go back and restore it indefinitely from Spanning. This is real peace of mind, especially because I now keep most of my documents on Google Drive. I love the cloud and this gives me the security I need. I also use Time Machine and Backblaze but for my documents, contacts and emails the first place I would go to restore is Spanning. The web interface is clear and intuitive and support is fast and friendly. Spanning uses Amazon Web Services so its website is super fast, which I appreciate.

Spanning offers a 14 day free trial, with no credit card. If you decide to subscribe the following discount code will save you $5: Q33EV6