Friday, July 26, 2013

The New Nexus 7 - Initial Impressions

Notwithstanding my disappointment with the first generation Nexus 7, today I went to Best Buy and bought a 32GB second generation Nexus 7. The first generation was sluggish and the volume never seemed high enough. I was all set to wait for a retina iPad Mini. But to me the current iPad Mini is too wide for me to comfortably hold in one hand. The Nexus 7 is not too big or too small -- for me it is just the right size. I also like the way a Nexus tablet integrates with Google's services -- Gmail, calendar, contacts -- seamlessly. I use and enjoy all these services and more.

The retina display on the second generation Nexus 7 is stunning. The device comes with a short sample HD video that has gorgeous colors and plays flawlessly. All my apps and settings transferred quickly and easily to the new device from my Google account. So far the new Nexus is zippy. It has wireless charging but doesn't come with a charging pad. I would like to buy one. Netflix will play in 1080p HD. It also feels better in my hand. The back is even nicer than the first generation Nexus 7. It is smooth but not slippery. The new Nexus 7 feels like a quality product. This is a nice device for $269.

I use the Nexus 7 at home and at the gym. I like to watch shows on Netflix when I am doing my cardio. In my experience the Nexus 7 will fit comfortably where a book would fit on an elliptical trainer or other similar exercise equipment. The Nexus 7 will also fit in many of my pockets. Google is improving the product and I like participating in both the Google and Apple camps.

I will post more as I gain experience with the new Nexus 7. For now I am a happy camper.

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