Sunday, August 25, 2013

Holocaust Studies on the Increase Around the World

An exceptionally well researched article about Holocaust remembrance in The Economist discusses the increased study of the Holocaust worldwide and includes the following:
  • Yad Vashem trains 10,000 domestic and foreign teachers every year.
  • Of the 16,000 books on the Holocaust listed in America’s Library of Congress, more than two-thirds were published in the past two decades.
  • Every Israeli schoolchild spends a semester studying the history of what they call the Shoah, along with further coursework in literature, music and art classes.
  • Some 200,000 students and soldiers tour Yad Vashem annually, the soldiers carrying their guns.
  • Unlike Yad Vashem, which portrays Jews as outsiders in Europe who find redemption in Israel, new Jewish museums in Austria and Poland present Jews as an intrinsic part of European heritage and culture. 
  • Last year, 46,500 South Koreans visited Auschwitz, only a few less than Israel’s 68,000.
  • Next month, Washington’s Holocaust museum will hold its first training programme for Arab educators.