Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Google+ Community to Follow News Related to the Holocaust.

I've been looking for a good way to keep up with significant news related to the Holocaust. As a child or survivors this is a topic that matters greatly to me. There are many sources of information for news related to the Holocaust including the mainstream press, Israeli newspapers and Jewish-American newspapers. I’ve searched for blogs that track such news but really haven’t found anything that fits the bill. There are email lists but I find those cumbersome to read and there is no easily searchable record of relevant news.

Thanks to Guy Kawasaki’s book entitled What the Plus!, I’ve started using Google+ and I really like it so far. The Google+ site is just beautiful - especially when photos, videos or links are shared. Google+ offers Communities which is place where people with a common interest can share information and discuss what is shared. So I’ve created a new community entitled “Holocaust News.” It is place where members can share news and discuss their thoughts about it. This being Google search is fast, powerful and accurate. The community is open to anyone with a common interest in the topic. Prospective members just need to send a simple request for membership. I hope this new community flourishes.